The ClassCloud is a portable, classroom specific wireless device with an adaptive learning platform designed to store, access, and deploy curriculum and content in classrooms with full internet connectivity, intermittent connectivity or no connectivity.

The typical hurdles in implementing blended learning (see Instructional Model) are connectivity issues, intermittent electricity, unmotivated teachers, and the high-cost of internet. The ClassCloud is able to to counter this by providing digital content to educational institutions where any or all of these undesirable conditions exist.

Product Description


Tech Specs

  • Equipped with intelligent analytics engine
  • Helps stream media (videos or audios synced/ already present on the ClassCloud)
  • Built-in wireless designed for the classroom
  • Intel-based Celeron processor
  • Storage of 500GB for local caching
  • Seamless backup and integration with online Cloud storage and analytics
  • Allows for battery backup up to 4 hours
  • Allows for syncing new content
  • Integration of local content made easy
  • Aids in seamless online/offline transition

Cost : INR 1,50,000