Our Story

Empowering teachers with skills needed for classrooms of the future.

Motivated teachers transform classrooms There are more than 9 million teachers in India today. Most of them work in low-income schools, earning only about INR 5000 a month.

In spite of this, many teachers still spend their own money on classroom resources to make learning fun and engaging for their students.

Teach A Class began with a simple idea – bringing useful tools to the teachers that really needed them. We wanted teachers to stay motivated and use their enthusiasm to improve learning in schools everywhere.

Our founder, Neil D’Souza, started Teach A Class in 2012 while on a sabbatical in Mongolia. Previously a Senior Engineer at Cisco, Neil’s travels led him to realise that while high-quality educational content existed, there was nothing tailored to those in remote regions without access to technology or the internet. Most educational solutions were being built for schools that could afford the high costs involved and ignored those at the bottom of the pyramid.

Technology could help bridge the gap in knowledge by giving children everywhere access to the best resources available. However, for it to be effective, he believed that teachers were the key. Without the active involvement and support from teachers who nurtured and guided children for most of their school lives, no solution was going to work.

He quit Cisco to focus on addressing this issue and has been in the education and technology space ever since.

After working with teachers through different programmes, teachaclass.org , a funding platform for teachers was launched in 2017 in India, to raise funds directly for teachers that wanted tools for their classrooms. Since then, we’ve successfully funded more than 80 projects in 8 states,
impacting around 5,000 children in one year alone.