Christmas : The Gift of Giving

As we come towards the end of the year 2017 and we begin to celebrate the holiday season, let’s remind ourselves of the gift of giving. Giving our time, our energy, our resources can help change the lives of [...]

The story of a teacher

Teachers form the backbone of our society. We trust our children with them for almost half of their day, in the most formative years of their life. Yet, have we ever stopped to wonder if these teachers have the [...]


SchoolWiFi School WiFi is a device specially designed by Zaya Learning Labs for schools with limited or no internet access. It has on it pre-loaded content that is aligned with the CBSE board and other skill-based videos as well. [...]


ClassCloud The ClassCloud is a portable, classroom specific wireless device with an adaptive learning platform designed to store, access, and deploy curriculum and content in classrooms with full internet connectivity, intermittent connectivity or no connectivity. The typical hurdles in [...]

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