For Individuals

What is Teach A Class?

Teach A Class is a not-for-profit that enables teachers to raise funds to get educational tools for their classroom. Teach A class is an online fundraising platform that allows people interested to donate towards a particular classrooms needs.

What can I raise money for?

Teach A Class has a list of vetted educational tools that we believe would benefit a teacher or a school. You can view these products on the website and choose to raise funds for any of these products.

What is Crowdfunding/Fundraising?

It is a process of raising a lot of money in small donations from a large group of known people(friends, enemies, family, relatives and colleagues)

How does Teach A Class work?

You are required to sign up on, start a fundraising page, invite your friends and family to contribute towards your cause, ask them to spread the word by sharing it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp, reach your goal amount for a particular product, the product will then be delivered to you.

How is Teach A Class better than any other crowdfunding platform?

That’s an easy one. We are better than any other crowdfunding platform because we got:

  1. The only platform that focuses exclusively on education
  2. Not only fundraising, but also implementation and training support
  3. Data-driven analytics to improve usage
  4. Transparency and Accountability to donors on the deployment of their funds
  5. Merit based deployment of funds raised

What's a crowdfunding fundraiser/fundraising page?

It’s an exercise performed on Teach A CLass by an individual or a group of individuals to raise funds for a particular to tool that they can implement in their classroom. It acts as a platform to invite contributors from all across the globe to stand in unanimity for a cause that requires financial support.

What can I do on Teach A Class?

Start a fundraiser: Raise funds for your school or classroom

Make a donation: Browse Fundraisers to make a donation

Support a cause by sharing the fundraising page on your social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and WhatsApp.

How do I raise funds?

Launch a crowdfunding fundraiser

To Start a Fundraiser, follow the three steps:

Sign up on Teach A Class

Fill up the form

Hit Submit

A representative will get in touch with you.

Your campaign goes live!

Can I raise funds for a friend as well?

Yes. Teach A Class has a thorough vetting process that ensures that the product will be delivered and used by a relevant teacher/classroom. So you can raise funds for a friend.

Does the raised amount reach the individual directly?

With Teach A Class, the money you collect goes directly to Teach A Class’ bank account. We keep updating your campaign page as donations are received and will inform you as and when you hit certain goals.

Is it safe?

Your Teach A Class fundraiser features the very best in secure payment encryption technology. Not only are your donors’ online payments safe, your money is stored securely until you reach your goal and the product is dispatched to you.

How long can I run a fundraising page on Teach A Class?

A campaign on Teach A Class can stay open for 6 months or 90 days from the last date of donation. Whichever comes first.

Can I change the goal amount?

Once you have decided to raise funds for a particular product and your goal it set, it cannot be changed.

What if I don't reach my goal?

If you don’t reach your fundraising goal, all your donors will be given credits equivalent to the amount they donated. They can use these credits to fund any other campaign that they choose.

1 rupee = 1 credit

1 dollar = as per the RBI reference rate on the day donated

How do I promote my fundraiser?

Stage 1: Divide your social circle into an inner circle(friends, family, colleagues) and an outer circle(old friends, distant relatives, ex–colleagues, etc.).

Stage 2: Reach out to your inner social circle first – friends, family and colleagues. They are most likely to give because, well, they love you, and because they can feel your passion for the cause.

Stage 3: Reach out to your outer circle next – old friends, distant relatives, ex–colleagues, etc. When they see you’ve already got supporters giving to your fundraiser, it will make them want to join in as well.

Don’t stop reaching out to the people in your network. Create a ripple effect.

How do I ask for money from strangers. It’s awkward. Isn’t it?

No it’s not unless you ask them for a large and an unrealistic amount. Remember, small donations from a large number of audience is your target.

Don’t you fret. If not family, ask your friends for the bare minimum you require from each one of them to initiate donations on your fundraiser; to build the momentum, at least.If your friends cannot donate too, ask them to share your fundraising page with their friends and family. The possibility of receiving funds from a complete pool of strangers are very low than receiving funds from your friends’ friends/family members.

Keep asking them to keep sharing your fundraising page.

I have tried reaching out to my personal network, nothing seems to work out, what should I do?

Ask for feedback from your friends and family. Get to know the reason why they are not contributing.

Make changes: Restructure your fundraiser based on the feedback. Remember, transparency is the key. Do not forget to list down all the reasons for why you require funds.

Ask for support from your friends. Tell them to share your fundraising page on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and LinkedIn.

How will I know if someone donates?

An email will be sent to your registered email id when someone donates to your campaign.

How does Teach A Class help?

 Teach A Class will market your campaign and raise funds for you through their sources.

Does Teach A Class provide potential investors? OR Investors find new ideas on your platform and support them?

Yes. After you campaign reaches a certain mark Teach A Class will direct potential investors to your campaign

Does Teach A Class market my campaign?

Yes. After your campaign reaches a certain mark, Teach A Class will market your campaign.

For Donors

What is monthly giving?

The practice of making monthly, automated fixed donations to Teach A Class.

How can someone sign up to be a monthly donor?

Write to us on if you wish to be a monthly donor.

Can I do quarterly, half-yearly or yearly donations?


Upto how long can I be a monthly donor?

You can be a monthly donor either for 12 months, 24 months, 36 months, 48 months or 60 months.

Can't I enter the amount manually?

Yes, you can write to us with the amount you wish to donate every month.

What is the minimum amount I can donate?

The minimum amount that can you can choose to donate as a monthly donor is INR 500

Can I change the amount later?

Yes, just write to us on

What modes of payment can I use?

Currently, only direct payments to Teach A Class’ bank account can be used. We are working on getting various other payment gateways for your benefit.

What cards can I use?

Since it is a direct transfer to a bank account, you can donate using absolutely any card.

Do I need to sign any documents for this?


Will I get a notification/receipt when the amount is debited?

Yes, Teach A Class will send you an email/receipt for donations received.

Can I stop at any time? How can I do it?

Yes, you may. Email us on to do so.

Will I get a 80G receipt from Teach A Class?


Can I do it as part of my Company’s Payroll giving?

Yes. But, your HR Department will have to be in agreement with the NGO and Teach A Class for this. For more queries on this please mail us at

How can I get a refund?

Teach A Class only refunds credits. You may use these credits to fund any other campaign of your choice on the website. You can mail us at and submit a request for a refund.Please note we can only process a refund within 48hrs of your account being debited, we cannot issue any refunds post that.

What is the guarantee my money is going to the right place?

We verify all NGOs and have a team in place to make sure of this. You will also get a confirmation once the funds reach the NGO. You will continue to receive reports via email about implementation of the product you raised funds for.

Will my billing details be secure?

Yes. Our aim is to be industry leaders in social fundraising. Our customers’ security is paramount.

Costing and Payout

What about costing and payout?

While it’s free to create and share your online fundraising fundraiser, Teach a CLass allows donors to donate a small tip towards the people working relentlessly to run this programme. Since our fee is an optional tip, you’ll never need to worry about being billed or owing us any money.

Do my donors get charged?

Giving a tip is optional and a donor can choose not to. No charges are levied on any donations. All product costs are inclusive of all taxes.

Can I request for a refund of contribution made towards a fundraiser?

Yes, a refund request can be requested via email within 5 days of contribution. Please note that payments are refunded as credits. Donors can choose to fund any other campaign of their choice with these credits.

Once Teach A Class has delivered the product to the campaigner, Teach A Class shall be discharged of any/all liabilities and no refunds shall be processed thereafter. The contributors will have to get in touch with the campaigner directly.

Do I receive money?

No. Teach A Class does not release any funds. Only the product that is being fund-raised for is delivered.

How do I receive the product I raised funds for?

Once your goal is reached. A representative from Teach A Class will get in touch with you.

How soon can I receive the product?

It will take a maximum of 3 weeks for you product to reach you. (depending on the location)

I am foreign national, can I still raise funds on Teach A Class?

Yes. Please get in touch with on for queries.

What documents do organizations need to submit for due diligence?

All NGOs must at least share the following documents with Teach A Class:

Certificate of Incorporation Document/Registration Certificate/Trust Deed/Society Seed(mandatory)

PAN Card Copy(mandatory)

80G Registration Certificate(if applicable)

12A Certificate (if applicable)

Bank Account Information for Indian donations(mandatory)

FCRA Certificate and Bank details (if applicable)

List of Directors with relevant government ID proof

Registered Office Address

Authorisation Letter (mandatory)

Where do I need to submit these documents?

Please email these documents to Clearly mention your organization name and state the purpose in the subject line. (Eg : Teach A Class Foundation <Documents>)

How can NGOs raise funds on Teach A Class?

Teach A Class, is a platform that empowers anyone to give to or start social fundraisers for schools and classrooms in need. One of our differentiating points is to convert donors into fundraisers for various nonprofits that have the highest impact, transparency, and passion to serve the community.

To raise funds on Teach A CLass, all NGOs have to go through a due diligence process and submit essential information and documents We take around 1-2 days from receipt of information to carefully screen all NGOs and contact you for more information or clarifications (if required).

After an NGO is approved, Teach A Class sends a fundraiser contract with terms and conditions. After the contract is executed, the approved NGOs can create a fundraiser on the website.

How can a partner put his product on this website?

Please email us on for more details on this process.

Does my NGO/organization need 80G tax exemption permission to raise funds on Teach A CLass?

No, to raise funds on Teach A Class, you need not already have 80G tax exemption certificate.

Do I need to give 80G tax exemption certificate to donors?

The 80G tax exemption certificate will be issued to Indian donors by us.


Can I keep my fundraiser private?

Yes. But it will not be visible to anyone on the website.

Can I run more than one fundraiser at a time on Teach A CLass?

No. Only one fund-raiser for one product per school is allowed at a time.

Can I run a fundraiser for the same project on Teach A Class and another platform?

You can surely do so, however from past experience we’ve seen NGOs fail due to the two-pronged communication to its supporters. The marketing overhead doubles, and supporters are confused and many a time end up not taking any action. We strongly recommend choosing only 1 platform at a time.

How long can I run my fundraiser for?

A campaign can remain open for 6 months or 90 days from the last date of donation. Whichever comes first.

How do I know when a donor makes a donation to my campaign?

You will receive an email from Teach A Class when someone has donated funds to your campaign.

Is there a limit on how much money I can request?

You can request money for a specific product. The cost of this product is mentioned on the website and it is this specific amount you can raise funds for.

What happens if a project receives more funding than is requested?

The excess funds are returned to the donor in the form of credits. The donor is free to donate these credits to a campaign of his choice.

What happens if I do not raise my goal amount?

Teach a Class will review your campaign. Teach a Class may choose to assist you in funding your campaign. If not, the funds already present will be returned to donors in the form of credits.

Who is responsible for fulfilling rewards claims?

Teach a Class takes no responsibility for fulfilling reward claims. This is between the campaigner and the donor.

What are rewards?

Campaigners can choose to reward their donors.

Once launched, can I alter my fundraiser information?

Yes. Contact us on and we will help you out.

How do I access detailed information of my donors?

Email us on