Vidyaniketan Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Chennai

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An Early Start to Infinity & Beyond!


The Kindergarteners at Vidyaniketan are gems; gems in the rough maybe, but beyond doubt with the potential to shine with brilliance. Each child is like a sponge that is absolutely eager to soak in everything around it- an eager-sponge that also manages to uninterruptedly radiate innocence and happiness. It is impossible to be down amongst them, and they are without a doubt the best medicine when you’re having a bad day. Our young gems predominantly have parents who have never begun or completed school, but what the parents lack in formal education they more than make up for with the absolute faith they have in education, the undeterred love for their children, and the ambitious hopes for their little ones.

Vidyaniketan has been historically plagued by a widening literacy gap at every successive grade. Being a low-income private school, we have the privilege of educating the most in-need children among us; however, the low annual fees leads to an under-resourced environment for our children, thereby contributing to the widening literacy gap right from kindergarten and grade 1. This literacy gap spills over and leads to overall low student academic outcomes.



The first reason to raise fund for this project is that- at Vidyaniketan, we have realized that laying strong foundations (and not letting the literacy gap emerge in early years) is a more worthwhile, more efficient and wiser endeavor than attempting to bridge the gap at later stages in the students’ life.

The second reason for us to prioritize technology-support in our early childhood classrooms is because the children do not get adequate exposure listening to the spoken English language. Since a majority of our teachers hail from backgrounds similar to our students, their proficiency in the vernacular- Tamil surpasses by far their proficiency in English.

We truly believe that a technology-enhanced classroom for our youngest children will exponentially catalyze their growth and set our little gems-in-the-rough on a secure path to a dazzling future.



Our young learners require Zaya Learning Labs’ Class Cloud Kit with 30 tablets.

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