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Virpura is a small village that is located 12 kms away from Sanand City, Gujarat. Carrying a
population of roughly 850 people, it functions under the larger panchayat of a neighboring
village Iyava. The Virpura village has been getting assistance through community development
initiatives carried out by the ESI Foundation and Ambuja Cement Foundation.

The village has a government school called the ‘The Virpura Government School’. The school
comprises of classrooms until the 8th grade. The school imparts knowledge to 200 students
through a dedicated staff of 8 teachers including the Headmaster. The medium of instruction in
the school is Gujarati. However, the school lacks technological infrastructure.

The Virpura School Project is about creating a digital ecosystem in the school that will enable
the students to enhance their learning and have access to a world of educational resources. A
major component of this project also includes teacher training through online resources.

Our mission and vision comes under the umbrella of the Government of India’s – Digital India Policy. We are five passionate individuals pursuing a Live Action Project for the built environment as part of the Anant Fellowship by working in this village. We also seek to empower women and improve the health standards in the village via the
digital ecosystem that we aim to create in the school.

The first major step in building this project is to install a School Wifi System. Your valuable
contribution to this project will enable us to reach our goal.

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