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Location: Jamalpur, Ahmedabad

Stuti Sharma’s 5th grade Class of Champions, are wonderfully curious, and bubbling with infectious energy and enthusiasm.  Stuti works in the FD English Primary School in Jamalpur which is an all-girls school. She believes that there is no tool for development more effective than empowerment of girls and women.

Unfortunately, a good 30% of her girls will likely drop out by Grade 7 or 8, and almost 50% by Grade 12. Of the ones who do finish their schooling, very few will make it to university for higher studies. This trend is not due to lack of ambition, but rather due to pressure on resources in an orthodox community.

“My girls aspire to be doctors, and engineers, and artists and world leaders, but to do that, they must first become agents of change in their community. I want to partner with my children, to equip them with skills and knowledge, to fight the battles they’re inevitably going to have to, to create powerful identities for themselves in the world.”

She wants to push them towards exploring the STEM fields, with as much curiosity as they would towards English or Arts. However, a lack of resources, hamper their curiosity. She believes that technology can really enhance the 21st century skills of critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and problem solving in students, creating leaders of the future.

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