NMC School, Upnager, Nashik

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A digital classroom for my children

Many of our children come from slum areas and we want to give them the opportunity to learn with technology since we believe this is the way forward. We would love for our school to be able to give this knowledge to our children as it will improve the quality of their education and allow them to compete with their peers in other schools. 

We believe that our children are a new generation of learners and need the right tools to fulfil their potential. Our school already has a wifi connection and is ready to adopt a personalised learning program.

We are hard-working teachers who believe in our students and want to learn how to use technology in the classroom so we can help them learn better. It will help us improve our teaching skills, give us more knowledge and give our students something to look forward to when they come to school.

We would be so grateful if you could help us bring personalised learning to our students.

– Manisha Saindre

Manisha teaches 150 children in the 6th STD in the NMC School in Nasik

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