Nigam Pratibha Vidyalaya, Delhi

Hello donors!
I have this amazing opportunity to teach a class 35 little curious souls who are in 5th grade in an MCD school in Nigam Pratibha Vidyalaya, Delhi. I address them as the CLASS OF LEADERS as they indeed are an incredible bunch of leaders who not only believe in the idea of excelling but also giving back to the community in various forms. These kids come from underprivileged backgrounds and their realities are harsh. Many of them have to deal with issues of alcoholism, physical and mental abuse, drug abuse and various other poverty-related issues in their immediate environments. Teach for India gave me this excellent opportunity to teach these young hearts and throughput my fellowship I tried my best to build the will that their backgrounds in no way will determine their future.
 However, the schools we teach in usually lacks in basic facilities and resources required to provide these children with an excellent education. So in order to provide them with a better learning environment, I decided to start with this campaign where anyone can help me in providing these kids basic resources and help me shape their future.
Even as technology becomes more affordable and internet access seems increasingly ubiquitous, a “digital divide” between rich and poor remains. The rich and educated are still more likely than others to have good access to digital resources according to the Pew Internet & American Life Project. The digital divide has especially far-reaching consequences when it comes to education. For children in low-income schools, inadequate access to technology can hinder them from learning the tech skills that are crucial to success in today’s economy.
This is my second year as a fellow at Teach for India and before I graduate I want to leave the kids with something substantial that will have a lifelong impact on them and help them equip with 21st-century skills. My entire focus throughput my journey with these 35 girls has been around building creativity, critical thinking, and complex problem-solving skills and want that they hone the skills through the help of technology.
The ClassCloud Kit will not only provide them easy access to academic material but also provide them with relevant exposure. It is extremely important for kids to be able to cope up with this highly tech-paced world. My kids are now transitioning into secondary where having access to technology will become a dire need considering limited human resource. One of the motivations for me to get this kit is that my kids who now are at a decent level are not limited by lack of resources. From having written to Milkha Singh to selling their artwork to support other causes these kids have constantly been pushing their limits. In a secondary school, introducing technology in design will help them become more efficient and since they take up leadership to educate other kids/people in the community, your contribution will indirectly impact a community. Our class has the first Lean In Junior chapter in the world and partners with One World Classrooms for international art exchanges. Having e-class rooms being introduced will widen their horizon and help them be leaders of today by not restricting themselves to one class, one community or one city and rather give back to the whole world. Your contribution will help us in our efforts to bridge the gap of education in various economical classes India.
Help these budding astronauts, technicians, and artists to excel through your contribution!
P.S- The astronaut drawing that you see is that of a kid drawing her dream!

Presenting you my story!


As a fellow, my journey has been full of challenges, yet the one that I am going to cherish the most due to the gratification of overcoming challenges and being able to provide quality education to my kids. Since I was given a new class in my second year of fellowship, I had to really struggle in the first three months but the experience of the first year helped me deal with challenges in a more patient way and I could set the culture in the less than 3 months. Last 4 months have been full of joy and interesting outcomes which I am going to share with you.


In the past 7 months, kids have shown improvement in literacy and mathematics. They have shown great improvement in Speaking and Listening and a good 7 months of growth in Reading Comprehension in just 3 months time. Introduction to technology and arts helped me improve their grades across subjects. I realized that they learn faster if different learning styles are adopted, there are more activities and integration with arts so I try and deliver more contextual, creative and experiential content.


We have set up a library entirely managed by children and our class is super organized and kids’ friendly. We could do this by discussing our problems in circles that we started within our classroom this year. We also have the world’s first JUNIOR circle in our class. [Lean In Circles are small groups who meet regularly to learn and grow together, and they’re changing lives.] One of the best achievements of ours this year was partnering with One World Classrooms and working on the project called ‘Borderless Art’ to facilitate art exchanges across the world and having interactive sessions with partner classrooms. We have extensive art workshops in every 15 days where we work on concepts like infinity, gravity, expressions etc and through our imagination paint our versions of the same. We recently practiced Blind Art. All the art that the kids create is printed on merchandise and presented at different showcases. We had the opportunity to travel to Ashoka University and kids could raise funds by selling of the beautiful work that they created. We also had our first showcase at TFI conference this year.


One of the biggest challenges was being a single school team member and lack of staff in general. Initially few fans in the class weren’t working then the principal wasn’t okay with external partnerships. I and my students collectively teamed up to solve these issues.


We partnered with Health Set Go to have workshops around Sexual Abuse and had experts walking in all classroom of our school. We decided to impact a total of 5000 kids and hence we got sessions done in other TFI schools as well.

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