Maharishi Harkadas EMS, Pune

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Maharishi Harkadas EMS is a PMC school, located in Harkanagar, Pune.

The locality is one of the most violent communities of Pune, dictates a lot of how the school is run. That being said, the community hosts some of the nicest folks in one of the dirtiest places, true gems!
We have 650 children studying with us and a majority hail from the Harkanagar Community. Every one of these kids is an eager learner and high on energy. With a limited play area for the kids, the teachers constantly feel the pressure of making their lessons more interesting to keep the child engaged for longer hours. However, with limited resources for teacher training, it has been a challenge supporting the teachers with content resources.

We were elated to hear of SchoolWiFi and how tailor-made it is to our prime need at school. The demo shared with us, gave us a glimpse of how exciting and simple planning for lessons can become!
We eagerly look forward to, providing this goldmine of resources to our teachers and to many highly engaged kids in the classroom!

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