Diamond Public Senior Secondary School, Lucknow

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Introducing my students to the magical world of e-learning!

We need technology in our classroom in order for our students to gain a better education and an overall learning experience.

By introducing technology into our classroom we are putting our students in a much better position for our students and for our teachers.

We are trying to raise funds for a ClassCloud Kit in our school. If we are able to get the ClassCloud box and the 30 tablets that come with the kit, we will have a separate class each week so that every child in our school gets an opportunity to learn using these innovative means.

The students in our school are from KG to Grade 8. They are kind and are constantly eager to learn more.

I want to enable my students to learn more. I can do this if I raise funds for my classroom.
By donating just a small sum of money to my classroom, little by little we can make a huge difference in the lives of these children.