Apex Central Public School, Lucknow : Helping my students be future-ready!

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Apex Central Public School, Lucknow

Our school is located in a remote area in Lucknow. Having access to technology would benefit our students because they would gain access to extra learning resources that they wouldn’t have access to otherwise.

Having a blended learning programme would definitely help our teacher impart knowledge much more easily as well.
Most of the students in our school are visual learners and watching videos and reading story books would definitely help them.

Since Teach A Class is providing us teacher training along with the SchoolWiFi, this would be extremely beneficial for our teachers as well. They would gain an added skill and also be able to manage their classes more efficiently.

Our students are curious, happy and eager to learn but we need funds to help them do so.
By donating just a small amount of Rs 100, you can ensure that our students achieve an excellent education!