Deonar Colony MEUPS, No.2, Mumbai :  Help our little explorer’s continue their voyage

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Deonar Colony MEUPS, No.2, Govandi. 

A smart virtual classroom with projector and wifi will enable students to have a better learning experience.

What does it mean to see potential? How does it feel to step into a low-income school in an underprivileged community for the first time?

We see the answer to these questions every day in our kids. In our classroom, we have a bunch of crazy, amazing, and curious learners of grade 5 who come from Govandi- one of the largest illegal settlements in Asia- which sits in the long shadow of 326 acre Deonar dumping ground. Our class has 92 kids between the ages of 9-12. They inspire us, teachers, working independently in small groups, engaging in whole class discussions and having daily opportunities to actively listen, question, reflect, revise and share.

We honor and protect each student’s unique being and inherently creative spark. They are encouraged to pursue their interests and passions and to learn and teach in ways that work best for them.

Against all odds- finance, religion, gender, disabilities, domestic violence, health, and hygiene- they all have a dream to achieve. Our kids have been in a proper classroom only for last one year; they have spent all these years sitting on the veranda or hall, trying to excel in education. They deserve a technologically developed classroom at least at this point in time. Majority of the kids have never come across a computer. To enable them through visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning experience we need a smart classroom. This will definitely help our kids more, who are very smart and curious.