Divyashiksha Gyanpeeth Inter College, Lucknow

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The Changemakers

Our students are very hard working. They are always on task and are constantly focussed on learning and growing as individuals. Sometimes they are a little impatient but they are easily able to convert thought-based concepts into a reality. Their level of critical thinking is very high and they have value-driven mindsets too!

 In simple words , I have a golden line of successors for this country who will make the world a better place

Our students come from low-income backgrounds where their parents are daily-wage labourers. More often that not, they are not even able to pay the minimum school fee. So having technology tools in our classrooms is extremely difficult since we do not have the funds do so.

Our schools has been established in the memory of late Dr Divya who was a hydrologist. To keep her memory alive and the school running, we need to upgrade the quality of our education. We can do this by getting SchoolWiFi which will give us access and exposure to world class learning content.

Please donate to our school so we can give our students the best learning experience and further our mission and reach.


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