Central Academy Senior Secondary School, Rajasthan

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Our school was established in 1891 and has approximately 3400 students. It has around 200 staff members and is one of the best schools in Rajasthan.

At Central Academy Senior Secondary School, we believe that the future lies in technology. Children nowadays are exposed to technology in almost every environment they are put in to.

So when we use technology in the classroom, it will lead to quick learning, the retention level will be higher and the children will have a more practical idea of the things that they are studying.

We are constantly trying to use new tools and technology to help our students learn better. Aids to help teachers and practical content help the students, especially if it is related to their curriculum.

We are raising funds to procure a SchoolWiFi. We will use this along with our books and lesson, so as to have a combination of both theoretical and practical knowledge.

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