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I teach 47 students in an under-resourced school in Pune!

One teacher in a classroom of 47 students is not an easy task. This is when I started researching blended learning.

I learnt about how technology could help me save time and use it more efficiently.

In the concept of blended learning, half of my students would be using tablets while I would be teaching the rest. Thereby reducing the pupil-teacher ration and maximising my ability to teach my students effectively.

I recently interned with Zaya Learning Labs and heard of their lab kit that consists of 30 tablets and a wireless device that streams Khan Academy content onto these tablets that the students use.

This would be perfect for my students. Not only would I be able to get data and assess them easily, but I would be able to keep my students engaged with the relevant content.

The only thing stopping me from doing this is the lack of funds.

You can help me in getting these funds by donating just $20 and sharing this with it with a friend!


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