Akshara Vidya Mandir, Hyderabad

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Hello, my name is Naga Ramesh. My school is located in a rural village and most of the parents are daily wage laborers. The children are kind, smart and extremely restful toward their elders. We are constantly struggling to provide them with a good education.

Giving them the opportunity to experience a digital classroom is a far-off dream for us because these children can’t afford to pay a higher fee and we cannot afford to have any kind of digital educational tools otherwise.

I would like to give my students access to content from all over the world and I want to help my teachers too. This is why I am raising funds for SchoolWiFi. This would help my students watch videos and understand their lessons better. Since it has lesson plans too, it would help even my teachers.

My students will find it fun to learn from videos and storybooks and it would also make them come to school every day if they get to do these fun activities.

I would love to provide my students with the education they deserve and the only way I can do this is by raising funds. Please donate generously to my students. The best we can do for them is ensuring that they receive a great education.

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