AhilyaDevi Holkar English Medium School( iTeach), Pune

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Heroes and heroines of AHEMS

Students of Ahildevi Holkar EMS are intelligent, hard working, gritty and have a spirit of continuous learning. Most of them are from migrant families and hence help their parents at their respective professions often. They are young adults who would like to take their own decisions and if given some creative space and freedom, they come up with beautiful and imaginative creations. They prefer math and sciences but also often write up beautiful poetry and thought provoking stories.

We currently are operating with funds enough for limited internet connectivity for the staff and the students are falling way behind in competition with their peers in more privileged spaces due to the lack of internet. Now that they are at a cusp of getting into adulthood, they need to have an equal shot at a good future like their peers. Hence, I am raising funds to help students avail of a basic facility of internet connectivity to provide them an equal platform.

Please help us get SchoolWiFi for the students at Ahilya Devi Holkar EMS as it is now a basic necessity to aid classroom learning and have an equal shot at better opportunities despite the humble background they come from.

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