A great education for my class of magicians

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Location: Juhapura, Ahmedabad

Teacher: Anand Agarwal

41 highly energetic and enthusiastic 4th grade kids coming from low income background wanting to create magic in the world.

Class of Magicians as we like to call ourselves, I’m sure these 41 will leave there mark in the world. We learn better through activities and workshops. Practical knowledge is what they seek. Each one is different in their own unique way and each one has a story to tell but still stick together. They perform skit, dance, songs, speeches, art and craft during Student Durbar in class as well as outside during Republic Day, sports day or any event they get their hands on. They are leaders in class, conducting events like making pani puri, bhel puri, nimbu pani during recess, to spreading awareness about garbage problem in school.

This project would enhance the learning for our kids in more than one way. Our kids though coming from a very conservative background will be able to keep in touch with the world outside. This project requires good amount of money and school presently has other needs to be fulfilled.
I believe this project would get me closer to my vision of having test and exams in competitive exam format, hence reducing the use of paper and also kids getting accustomed to using computer at a very early age as this is the need of the hour. While talking to a friend we realized that our kids when they grow up will hardly be using pen & paper. Tech will take the world to a different spectrum altogether.

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