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Location: Whitefield, Bangalore

Karthik Rajagopal’s grade 6 children are a potential bunch of leaders. They have grown immensely over time with a good number of students using their strengths to impact people around them. There are students across all strands of learning but the safe class space has allowed them to reach out to each other for their needs. Ownership of themselves, their class space and others is something they believe in and even without the teacher’s presence they demonstrate that. They are very vocal about their needs and will not let any problem stay in the classroom. All major issues in class are being dealt with by the students themselves. When learning levels were low, students took to peer tutoring. When body shaming popped up, students decided to discuss, debate and teach their classmates about the same. When respect was lacking in a few kids, others took charge and resolved the matter through their conversations. Most of them are aware of their strengths and weaknesses and want to keep climbing up the ladder while others are making their way there at their own pace.

Our government public school Nallurhalli, needs a SchoolWiFi as it would give us teachers a lot of access to multiple resources. Though we have been managing with the minimal access we have to internet at present, a School WiFi box would give us more freedom to try out multiple activities in classroom. It will also enable us to cater to different learning styles of kids through a variety of content, thus improving student learning outcomes. Students can also use the internet to explore their areas of interest, thus increasing their curiosity levels and planting the idea of continuous, independent learning at a very young age.

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