Who are we?

The Teach A Class Foundation exists to enable teachers and schools to get access to various impactful educational tools and resources for their classroom by directly connecting with donors and CSRs. We aim to help teachers achieve their dreams for their students.


Teach a Class was founded in 2012 in San Francisco, USA by Neil Dsouza.
After spending time in Mongolia and Indonesia, piloting his ideas for bringing online education resources to orphans, Neil started a social enterprise in India along with Teach A Class Foundation.


Teach A Class has a motivated team of educators, technologists and social drivers who want to empower every child to achieve their destiny through education.

Our Mission
Connect 50000 schools by providing teachers them access to curated, digital tools and services through a series of vetted education partners and helping them with the implementation of these tools.


How does this work?

It’s simple!

Step 1: Register your school/classroom on our website.

Step 2: Pick a product/tool that you think would benefit your students.

Step 3: Share a picture and a story about how you will use the tool and why it beneficial to your classroom!

Step 4: You are now live! Share your campaign and get people to donate, we will do the same.

Meet the Team

The Teach A Class Foundation has a dedicated team of volunteers and full-time employees working relentlessly to ensure that you as a teacher are able to fulfill your dreams for your students!

Neil Dsouza
Joel Pannikot
Ramlah Merchant
Rishabh Shukla
Rehan Pawaskar
Niveditha Purushothaman
Kareena Rogers
Rahul Dsouza
Deepak Singh
Kartik Agarwal
Ankit Kulkarni
Sunit Deshpande


Alisha Mahen
Sneha Menon
Jai Gathani
Ashish Tiwari
Vaidehi Rajadhyaksha
Rudraprasad Das