A learning platform that puts you in charge!

We understand that teachers need to be in control of the classroom and that students need to be in control of the pace at which they learn.

Easy-to-Use Interface for Students

Based on several years of research, we have built our platform for students to minimize the time they spend on administrative activities like remembering passwords. The simplicity of use ensures that children maximize the time spent learning.

Device Independent Learning

Our platform is built to work on any device, whether it is an Android tablet, iPad, desktop, or laptop. We understand that hardware is constantly changing and that as a school owner you don’t want to be locked in to a specific type of technology.

Creating Personal Plans for students

Our platform allows you, as a school teacher, to use pre-created learning content or create your own to make personal plans for each child. We also have our own set of partners who provide their content in the form of videos, books, and images  mapped to local curriculum.

Each Learning object is a combination of video lessons, interactive Practice questions and a Quiz.

You can create a plan for a student, classroom or a course.

Adaptive Assessment Engine

Our platform’s assessment engine adapts to a student’s learning speed and skills. We have over 25,000 math questions addressing all concepts to build your students’ conceptual foundation in math.

Our platform supports multimedia-based assessments by using videos, images, and audio. It also supports text-based, multiple-choice questions, and other interactive features.

Customizable Assessments

Teachers can also create their own quizzes or assessments before class and provide it to their students. These online assessments give teachers the ability to quickly correct answers from multiple students in a fraction of the time. As a teacher, you can also build your own adaptive assessments or examinations.

For Educators

A rich suite of features to allow you to focus on each individual child.

Analytics and Reporting

As a teacher, you want to know the level at which every student is performing. Through our intelligent but simple recommendation engine, we can tell you who needs more attention on a given topic. You can also drill down into your classroom and see statistics on a topic as well as each individual student’s progress .

School Administrator

We provide you with monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports about each classroom, so you get a summary view of the learning outcomes of your students. These reports are easily printable and offered to parents and students, eliminating the need for creating separate paper-based reports.

Self-Paced Learning

Students all learn at different paces. With Zaya, students can take the extra time they need to master a certain concept or push ahead to more difficult questions.

Instant Feedback

During Practice, students complete three levels of scaffolded questions with instant feedback. They can use Hints and Help to reach the correct answers. After taking a Zaya Quiz, students immediately receive feedback on which questions they have answered incorrectly and what the correct answers were.

Making Learning Fun!

Zaya students are motivated to earn points and badges while completing lessons and assessments. The entire platform is gamified, with more difficult questions becoming available as students master lower levels. Students can track their concept mastery and points over time.



Our team of education experts can help you tailor the learning platform to your needs.